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  • Negative balance protection

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Know before you go!

  • Financial trading carries risk. If the market moves against you, you lose money. However, as CFDs are leveraged products, the risks can be greater – with the possibility of losses exceeding deposits.
  • With a Pro River Prime trading account, you can manage your exposure using a range of risk management tools, including stops and automated alerts. You’ll be on the right track.
  • No worries at all, you will get exclusive access to the essentials of risk management, and you can practice your strategies using a Pro demo account. Brilliant option!

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Yes, we offer a variety of notification services, for any significant events happening in the market. You will determine what you like to receive, ranging from app push notifications, pop-ups, SMS messages within your trading account, and email.

The trading currency on Pro Account is the American USD dollar.

The trading hours vary based on the type of instrument you choose. However, you will get alerted through push notifications about opening and closing times.

CFD is short for “contract for difference”. It is a type of derivative trading that allows you to speculate on an underlying asset's price movement without actually owning it. You can trade CFDs on a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks, indices, forex, commodities, and more.